Q1) Is it true the Race Director has moore than 1 cow teddy bear for every room in his house?
umm... Yes. I mean Mooooooo!
Q2) Is this a piss take or what?
We're very serious runners, our Race Director is the only Irish Person to have completed the Ultraman race, but we want to have fun and we want every unner to cross the finish line with a grin on their face! We may have a quirky sense of humoour but this will be a fairly tough race. There are enough hilly climbs at the start to humble even our Race Director. So you better get training! Although the run to the finish will be a nice long downhill slope which is just the way you want it and the scenery is simply breathtaking!
This is also an AAI sanctioned event and as such the route will be measured accurately by an AAI official.
Q3) Can we walk the race?
Yes, walkers are all welcome! We want this to be a fun day out for everyone! The race is also an official World Heart Day walk. Bring a picnic, for down on the beach aftterwards.
Q4) Is there prize mooney for the winner?
There are some great prizes - Yes! Click Here for more info
E-mail us at: info@mooathon.com
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Race Date
24th September 2016
Sweat Wicking T-Shirts for everyone!
Prizes: Medals, Cow Trophies and More!
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