Sean & Team,
Thanks for organising an enjoyable run and event over the weekend, it was an exhilarating course, great fun!
Although it started off wet it soon brightened up and the scenery was fantastic! I hope to be back next year! In the meantime I will spread the power of moo!
Well done!

Excellent race guys. Just loved it. Scenery and everything was wonderful. I'm never doing the Derry half again. I'l be back instead for the Mooathon in 2008!

I just wanted to say thanks for such an enjoyable race last weekend. The race was really well organized and everyone was so friendly. Congratulations to you and all the crew, I will definitely be back next year (especially if you can flatten out the first few miles!) .
Thanks and regards,

We had a great time and I think we'll have to come back next year to claim the corporate trophy.

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my first ever half marathon although the beginning was a little bit tough!!!  You did a really good job of putting everything together.  It was quite an experience, a bit different than races in the US and a much smaller race than my friend has ever run, but the experience was great. Thanks for all your hard work and everyone thinks my first ½ marathon finisher’s medal is really cute. Maybe next year you will be able to sell some cute cow souvenirs for the race.

Thanks a mil for a great weekend, we’ll definitely be down next year with bells and whistles and hopefully an extra 2500 people!

Well done Sean, we enjoyed the run out!!! All was well organised,
both at the start and finish and it all went like clockwork.
If you could take the last of the hill out of it it would be good, as
the guys really enjoyed the scenery, and are very keen to do it again
next year.
Well done to all.

What the runners in 2006 had to say after the race:

Sean- Awesome job, my face still hurts from smiling all weekend! Had a blast.

Thanks a million for organising a great race on Sunday, the weather and scenery were brillant! Definately would to it again next year!

Sean, I want first and foremost to thank you for organising a fantastic event last weekend. It was by far the best run I have participated in during my short running career. The hills were tough but made enjoyable by the beautiful surrounding scenery. Count me in for next year.

Sean - Thanks for a great day yesterday. It was a really tough run/walk/run/walk/run/walk.... If you plan to do this again next year please let me know, and as I live in Derry I'd be happy to help with PR around here...

Just to let you know that we had a ball. Although we did not have a very big field, I am sure it will grow. Please tell me you are doing it again next year. Was one of the better organised races we have run here in Ireland....
Stan, David & Brian

Thanks a million for a really super event in such a stunning location. Look forward to the next event already...
Catherine & Maddy

The scenery was absolutely amazing. This is one of the most beautiful courses I've ever run...
A guy at the finish line

Thank you for all the hard work, and all the volunteers, and locals who cheered us on! It was my first half marathon and I was really pleased with my result.

It was an excellent event, a real challenge and spectacular scenery.

A few comments from last sunday
1.   Best half marathon ever. Really glad i did not know the course,espicially the first 4 miles
2.   Had 3 german visitors and my family with me.They really enjoyed the day.Showed them the course on the way back.The german lad thought we were all mad
3   On passing a lad who was being sick,i asked him if he was suffering from mad cow disease He was nearly sick over me OVERALL, A GREAT EVENT AND I WILL PASS THE WORD FOR NEXT YEAR. DES FLANAGAN

Well done on the race. Everything went very smoothly and I enjoyed showing off the Donegal scenery to all the visitors.

Just thought Id let you know that the race was great craic!! Really enjoyed it!!! The hills were tough, but worth it due to the stunning views!!!! It was definitely one of the most scenic races that I have ever done!!

First of all, just to say how much I enoyed the race (although I wasn't saying that 4 miles in!) - the scenery was spectacular throughout, the craic was brilliant and hopefully my legs have been well toughened up for Dublin on October 30!

Dear Sean, Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed the race on Sunday. The newsletter and website helped us to get into the spirit beforehand and that continued with the great camaraderie throughout the race. The post race photos are a great idea and will ensure that we won't forget the experience even after the muscle aches have gone. It was our first half marathon and the main goal was to finish, so we were not under too much pressure. I see that we were not only ones to chose the Mooathon for our half marathon debut. At least the next one will seem easy in comparison! The course was very enjoyable with lots of variety. The best bit was going down through the valley to Glen after the hills. It was all extremely well organised yet great fun. Congratulations!!
Bernadette and Paschal

Sean, Just a quick note to say Congragulations on the Mooathon. We've had a few customers in this week who were ranting and raving about it. Sounds like it made a great Debut. Well done.

P1:  Knock knock
P2:  Who's there?
P1:  The interrupting cow.
P2:  The interru ....
P1:  Moo
Thanks for the run. The views were glorious and the theme mootiful.
Regards -

Hi Sean...just thought I'd drop you a wee line to thank you for the race. It was so much fun! We had the best weekend ever and we can't wait to do it again next year! My hubby Micky (complete with bull ring and horns) was chuffed to win the best costume prize! I've only been running a year and have done 2 marathons and only one other half marathon...amazingly I beat my pb by 2 minutes at the mooathon! The scenery was beautiful but what I appreciated most was that as a slower runner I wasn't made to feel like second best. There is nothing worse than coming in at the end of a race to find virtually everyone gone home and the cones being picked up...this has happened to me!! Everyone was made to feel special! Many, many thanks again and congratulations on a brilliantly organised race.
Kind regards
Gina and Micky Kerr

Thanks for an "interesting" race! Next year think I'll make a weekend of it - suspect I missed a good night in the pub afterwards. See ya next year …..

I really enjoyed the race. Although my slowest 1/2M (I've only done a handfull), it was strangely yet my best. I just loved the area and the route. It was also curious how breathtaking views made me forget I was out of breath. I almost never go back to anything but I'll be back (fitness willing) next year. So as I said to you at the finish thanks for organising it.

Thank you for organising such a great race! It was a fabulous location - by far the best place I have ever run a half-marathon. I have never been to that part of Donegal before and I was awed by it. Although my time suffered a lot because of the hills at the start of the race, I think that the course was a good one. The road along the shore of Lough Salt was particularly memorable but that could just be because it was flat;) Having a bus service was very helpful as I don't have a car and couldn't have got to the start any other way. It was also great having your bag delivered to the finish line on the bus and for there to be showers at the finish as well. I think that everything was well-organised and can't think of any criticisms. There was a brilliant atmosphere on the day and the Americans certainly added a lot to that - they could "moo" very well! I really hope that you do it again next year and I am planning to train better for the hills in anticipation.

Sean, I have to say that was one hell of a race. At around the 9th/10th mile ( on the final climb), i felt it was equally as mentally challenging as running the full marathon and hitting the 19/20 mile mark. For anyone running the dublin marathon at the end of the month, if you finished the mooathon in one piece, you'll have no problem finishing the marathon. For anyone considering running a marathon, reserve the date in your calendar for next years mooathon. its well worth the experience.

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